Prehistoric activities

Rain does not affect actvities (which can take place under shelter). Recommended ages for the activities are given as a guideline only.


Prehistoric painting activity


In this activity you will create your own history by painting a picture using natural materials.

The oldest traces of cave paintings date back to 32,000 years before our time. Although the scientific community cannot agree on the aim of these drawings, we can assume they are not simply decorations. So were they magical incantations for hunting? Were they painted by a shaman, an intermediary between men and God? Were our ancestors seeking to leave a sign behind and communicate with future generations?

Do you feel the soul of a powerful being? Do you want to paint like our ancestors and understand their techniques as well?
Enjoy this 30-minute activity using soil pigments and other natural materials to leave your mark on time !
Create your prehistoric painting on a wooden slate and take it home !
  • Réalise ta propre peinture préhistorique sur une planchette de bois. Emporte ta création.

Age 4 years and over

Length: 30 minutes

Fire techniques


Many experts believe the development of mankind and fire to be intrinsically linked. The use of fire in the home, according to them, dates back approximately 500,000 years. When fire and prehistory are mentioned in the same breath, do you think of flint? You’re right, but there’s more to it than that.

"“...The traveller (Ötzi) found in the ice of the Austrian Alps carrying, in a small leather bag, a piece of flint, marcasite and tinder…”."

An activity for everyone of 6 years and over which involves demonstrating how to light a fire using friction but mainly percussion (striking a hard stone one to one which contains iron).

At the end of the day the activity leader will be available for anyone who would like to try out fire-lighting themselves by purchasing their own kit.

  • Discover different fire-lighting techniques (friction and percussion)

Age: 4 years and over

Length: 30 minutes

Spear throwing activity


Prehistoric humans of course knew how to throw spears…

But, in order to take animals by surprise, reduce risk and hit prey harder while keeping one hand free, they invented the spear-thrower which allowed them to throw twice as far, with the spear following on from the arm movement.

An activity for everyone and children of 6 years and over to understand how to use the spear-thrower.

Archaeological digs


Discover the relics of the past

We owe what we know about prehistoric times to the work of archaeologists. They are researchers who trace back the evolution of mankind and his environment thanks to digs and searches.

These searches bring traces left by humans and animals of the time to light.

Over the course of a 45-minute activity, children discover the remains of a Neolithic village. Using these finds, the activity leader will explain the way of life of our ancestors 6000 years ago.

Primitive pottery-making activity

Keep your food stocks safe from predators

This ancient art dates back to the Neolithic period. Prehistoric settlers shaped food storage containers and cooking equipment out of earth.

Pottery is associated with vegetable and cereal consumption. Conserving them in pots allowed settlers to avoid storing them simply in a hole in the ground within the reach of animals and at risk in bad weather.

Fireproof pots also helped settlers to cook.

Beyond this practical aspect, ceramics was also used for art, as figurines of “goddesses” from the time prove.

In this activity, children of 4 years and over play with materials and let their imaginations loose!

  • Make pottery using Neolithic techniques, decorate it and
    bring it back home..

Making lamps from fat

Creating light like the Cro-Magnons

Our ancestors invented a way of making light other than the flaming torch: they made lamps which burn animal fat that we call the tallow.

This lamp is sculpted from a soft sort of stone into the shape of a spoon. You put a bit of fat on top to act as the tallow and add some twigs. When you light the twigs, the heat makes the fat melt and the lamp functions like a candle, but giving more light and without giving off smoke.

A 45-minute activity for adults and children of 8 years and over to create your own lamp.

  • Shape, polish and decorate a plaster block with pebbles and flint.
  • Create your own prehistoric fat lamp
  • Take your creation home with you

Guided visit

A guided visit during which the child makes history

Access the underground domain by a special train and discover a marvelous world of the water fairy.

Following the clues of the old path, children go in search of fragments of a magical formula in order to reconstruct it.Clues in the form of photographs guide children in their research and allow them to participate actively in the visit.

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