Primitive pottery-making activity
30 July 2015
Guided visit
30 July 2015

Prehistoric activity – making lamps from fat

Creating light like the Cro-Magnons

Our ancestors invented a way of making light other than the flaming torch: they made lamps which burn animal fat that we call the tallow.

This lamp is sculpted from a soft sort of stone into the shape of a spoon. You put a bit of fat on top to act as the tallow and add some twigs. When you light the twigs, the heat makes the fat melt and the lamp functions like a candle, but giving more light and without giving off smoke.

A 45-minute activity for adults and children of 8 years and over to create your own lamp.

  • Length 45 mins
  • The activity takes place under shelter in case of rain
  • Shape, polish and decorate a plaster block with pebbles and flint.
  • Create your own prehistoric fat lamp
  • Take your creation home with you