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International Day of Tourist Caves

Oenological discovery of Cerdon wine by Cellier Lingot Martin

Saturday 06 June 2020 from 10.30 a.m. to 3.30 p.m.


The underground route of the Caves of Cerdon leads to a vineyard.

The limestone rock, shaped for thousands of years by the tumultuous waters of the glacial melts, is at the origin not only of the formation of the Caves of Cerdon but also of the creation of Cerdon wine!

On the occasion of this International Cave Day, the visit to the outlet in the middle of the cliff and formerly occupied during Prehistory will be the pretext for an unprecedented marriage: the winegrowers of the Cellar LINGOT MARTIN will make you taste and discover the discreet Cerdon wine and the ancestral method of natural winemaking.

Its low alcohol content, its fruity aromas of red berries, while lightness, its gourmet and tangy notes deserve to be known and recognized.

A framework of full nature and unusual for a lovely discovery!

Included in the visit of the Caves (self-guided visit only - download our Grottes du Cerdon app and get the free audio guide).

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