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Create your own pottery like our ancestors

Create your own pottery like our ancestors

This craft dates from the Neolithic, period during which the Prehistoric Man shaped clay containers for the storage and cooking of food.

Pottery is linked to the consumption of vegetables and cereals. Keeping them in containers will replace the simple pit dug in the ground exposed to animals and bad weather.

Cooking food will also be facilitated by the use of fire-resistant containers.

Beyond its utilitarian aspect, ceramic was also used for artistic purposes as evidenced by the figurines of "goddesses".

During this activity, children, from 4 years old, plays with the material and its imagination.

Shape your pottery using the Neolithic technique, decorate it and take it away at the end of the day.

Tip: Remember to come early to fully enjoy your day between visiting the Caves and Prehistoric Workshops

  • From 4 to 99 years old
  • 30 minutes
  • Sheltered activity in case of rain

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Plan du parc
plan du parc
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  • I am accompanied by a person in a chair, can I come to visit ?

    • The entire reception area (ticket office, shop, snack point and toilets) is wheelchair accessible independently. The Caves of Cerdon cannot be visited in a wheelchair or with a stroller. The park is however accessible by wheelchair with the help of a guide because the paths are grassy

  • Is the park shaded ?
    • There are many shaded areas in the park. The picnic and entertainment areas are also shaded.

  • What outfit to wear for the workshops?


    • At "Grottes du Cerdon", you are "on the ground" as close as possible to nature.

    • Dress accordingly in clothing suitable for outdoor activities which can be more or less dirty, depending on your abilities.

    • Remember that you are leaving your era!