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Visit of the Caves of Cerdon

A nature outing 1 hour from Lyon, Geneva or Annecy

The complete route of an ancient underground river

Plan des Grottes
Plan des Grottes

Visit of the Caves

Discover a strange and exciting underground route shaped during the great ice ages. 

A 1H or 1H30 walk from the burial point of an old river until its resurgence in the middle of a cliff on a belvedere overlooking the Cerdon’s valley and its vineyards.

Choose your visit:

Guided tour at fixed times, independent visit or visit in the form of a tale for the youngest.


Questions about the Caves

Do you have questions about the Caves?
Consult the most frequently asked questions.


Audio guide

Download the Cerdon Caves AudioGuide mobile application and visit the Caves independently thanks to the numbered blue markers placed along the path.


The history of the caves

Prehistoric Men very early chose the cavities of the site as a refuge. Excavations carried out since 1914 have uncovered multitudes of pottery, cut flint, huge heap of ash (4 to 5 m thick), quantities of animal bones as well as a human skull with prominent orbits.

These discoveries indicate that this natural shelter was inhabited since a very remote time (10 to 12,000 years).

Questions sur les Grottes
  • Are there many stairs in the Caves?

      • The tour of the caves is divided into 2 parts (see the sectional plan):
      • Part 1: the 800-meter-long upper gallery corresponds to an elevation gain of approximately 5 floors to descend gradually. It has several stops to take advantage of the premises.
      • Part 2: The large room and the old siphon which leads to the belvedere overlooking the Cerdon’s valley and its vineyard.
      • This second section extends the visit circuit by around 400 meters with an additional elevation equivalent to approximately 5 floors. After a break on the belvedere to admire the Cerdon’s valley, the ascent takes place at your own rhythm to the reception.
    • I am accompanied by a person in a wheelchair, can I visit the caves ?
      • The entire reception area (ticket office, shop, snack point and toilets) is wheelchair accessible independently. The Caves of Cerdon cannot be visited in a wheelchair or with a stroller. The park is accessible with the help of a wheelchair attendant. The park's trails are mostly grassy..

    • Can I bring my baby or a little child?

      • Yes, but it is necessary to take into account temperature variations (see question 4) and to cover children well whatever their age.