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Create your own stone bead and make your necklace !See more...

Create your own stone bead and make your necklace !

See more...

Create your own stone bead and make your necklace !

Since prehistoric times, men have attached great importance to ornamentation. The first elements of ornamentation appears -80,000 years ago, but it is especially from the Upper Paleolithic (-40,000 years) that we find many remains of these adornments.

What were they used for? Beautify yourself? To stand out? Show membership in a group? Many hypotheses are still put forward today ...

During this activity, shape, drill, and rub with prehistoric tools your stone and make your prehistoric ornament. 

From the age of 8.

Tip: Remember to come early to fully enjoy your day between visiting the Caves and Prehistoric Workshops

  • From 8 to 99 years old
  • 45 minutes
  • Sheltered activity in case of rain

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Questions about animations
  • Can I bring my picnic ? Is there a snacking point ?

    • We provide our visitors with several picnic areas, sheltered or not.

    • Our snack point "le Chasseur Cueilleur" offers snacks of local products as well as hot or cold drinks, to consume on the spot or to take away in the heart of the park.

    • The snack is open continuously throughout the day.

  • Can we do all the prehistoric workshops and the visit ?
    The schedules between visits and prehistoric workshops are organized so that you can do everything in a day. However, in this case, you must arrive at the site upon opening. Download your schedule in pdf on the "schedules" page.
  • What outfit to wear for the workshops?

    • At "Grottes du Cerdon", you are "on the ground" as close as possible to nature.

    • Dress accordingly in clothing suitable for outdoor activities which can be more or less dirty, depending on your abilities.

    • Remember that you are leaving your era!