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Questions about prehistoric workshops


Questions about prehistoric workshops

The schedules between visits and prehistoric workshops are organized so that you can do everything in a day. However, in this case, you must arrive at the site upon opening. Download your schedule in pdf on the "schedules" page.

  • Prehistoric workshops cannot be booked individually. Each workshop is limited to approximately 30 persons. It is therefore not necessary to book because there are many timetables available for each workshop. The sooner you arrive the better you can enjoy our activities ;-)

  • Depending on the crowds in the park, we add an animator and therefore activities.

  • You can however make your reservation for the guided tour of the caves organized at fixed times (see timetables according to the calendar)

  • Our recommendation: before your arrival, organize your day according to the times indicated on our calendar page.

  • Most of the prehistoric workshops are distant from 3 to 5 minutes walking. 

There is many paths through the park. The schedules take into account movements between 2 nearby activities. The 2 workshops furthest from each other are “pottery” and “fire” but you will not take more than 5 minutes by walking slowly with a young child.

  • We advise you to plan your day by targeting the workshops you absolutely want to do and the time at which you prefer to visit the caves.

  • We have indicated the recommended age for each activity, but obviously everything depends on the agility and precocity of each child.

  • No, because all activities can be done under cover, with the exception of hunting with a spear workshop, but it is rare that the rain falls continuously... and nothing stops the valiant hunters!

  • There are many shaded areas in the park. The picnic and entertainment areas are also shaded.

  • Pets are allowed in the park provided that their owners keep them on a leash, ensure the tranquility of visitors (barking) and the rules of cleanliness (excrement).

  • For the visit of the caves, only pets that can be carried throughout the visit are authorized.

  • A dedicated storytelling tour (tale) is offered on Sundays to families with young children (3/5 years). It is necessary to reserve it on the internet.

  • The workshops "painting, prehistoric pottery and fire techniques" complete this visit in order to immerse the little ones in Prehistory.

  • Parents can help the little ones to adorn and shoot spears.

  • The excavation workshop can also be attended by the parents for the youngest.

  • It takes place every Sunday at 1 p.m. and to participate you just need to book online minimum 24 hours in advance. It takes an average of 1.15 hours to visit

  • The tale visit is an integral part of the park's activities requiring the combined ticket

  • Children are the responsibility of parents / carers and must be accompanied by at least 1 adult.

  • It is therefore not possible to buy a combined tickets for children and cave-only tickets for adults.

  • The Concept of the Park is to share family entertainment. Adults who do not wish to carry out the activities can take advantage of the relaxation areas near the entertainment venues.

  • The prehistoric activities that we offer are as much for adults as for children.

  • The concept of the park is to share family entertainment.

  • However, no one is obliged to carry out the activities.

  • Relaxation areas are located near the entertainment venues.

  • Only wearers of the 1-day Pass bracelet have access to the park. Children are the responsibility of the parents and must be accompanied by at least one adult.

  • At "Grottes du Cerdon", you are "on the ground" as close as possible to nature.

  • Dress accordingly in clothing suitable for outdoor activities which can be more or less dirty, depending on your abilities.

  • Remember that you are leaving your era!

  • When purchasing your tickets on our website, you will be able to select the time at which you wish to take the guided tour.

  • You will thus have the certainty that tickets will be reserved for you on the chosen departure.

  • When you arrive on our site, present yourself at reception no later than 15 minutes before departure with your tickets. If you buy your tickets on the spot, you will have the possibility of choosing your time of visit of the caves according to the remaining availability.

  • Report it to reception upon your arrival on our site and we will do so within the limit of available places.

  • To avoid any problem, it is preferable to have proof of purchase on your side with your tickets downloaded beforehand on your smartphone. 3 or 4G coverage on the site is not always easy. However if you forget, do not worry: we have the trace of your reservation at the reception of the site!

  • Remember to come to the site 15 minutes before the start of the reserved visit or activities.

  • We provide our visitors with several picnic areas, sheltered or not.

  • Our snack point "le Chasseur Cueilleur" offers snacks of local products as well as hot or cold drinks, to consume on the spot or to take away in the heart of the park.

  • The snack is open continuously throughout the day.

  • The Park is relatively flat and access between the workshops is by dirt or grassy paths. Pedestrian access to reach the park is not possible by stroller. You must ask the reception for the best way to reach the park (small train route when it is not running). 

Same time as for users of the trail that is not passable by stroller (stairs)