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Questions about the Caves

Do you have questions about the Caves?

Do you have questions about the Caves?

Do you have questions about the Caves?
See the most frequently asked questions about them.

    • The tour of the caves is divided into 2 parts (see the sectional plan):
    • Part 1: the 800-meter-long upper gallery corresponds to an elevation gain of approximately 5 floors to descend gradually. It has several stops to take advantage of the premises.
    • Part 2: The large room and the old siphon which leads to the belvedere overlooking the Cerdon’s valley and its vineyard.
    • This second section extends the visit circuit by around 400 meters with an additional elevation equivalent to approximately 5 floors. After a break on the belvedere to admire the Cerdon’s valley, the ascent takes place at your own rhythm to the reception.

      • The main part corresponds to the concreted gallery and the path constitutes a loop with departure and arrival at the reception of the site. For people ready for an additional ascent effort, it is possible, at the end of the upper gallery overlooking the large room, to continue independently to the belvedere. This overlooks the Cerdon’s valley and its vineyards.
      • This second part with a higher elevation and therefore on the initiative of each and own rhythm.
      • The entire path through the caves is landscaped, marked and lit, but the elevation, the stairs and the temperature differences represent additional physical effort compared to a simple walk outside. It is up to everyone to judge their ability based on their physical condition, knowing that the first part remains very accessible.

      • The 2nd part of the circuit is the most physical.

      • The upper gallery is at 13/14 °C and then drops to around 10 °C at the end of the large hall. For the second part, the temperature drops to 4 °C for 5 minutes. On the belvedere, you will find the outside temperature.

      • It is the temperature differences and the elevation that make this second part of the visit more physical.

      • Yes, but it is necessary to take into account temperature variations (14°C to 4°C) and to cover children well whatever their age.

      No because of the stairs! Please note that we lend baby carriers for free.

      • If you choose the guided visit : For the 1st part: approximately 1 hour, and the 2nd part takes 30 minutes to go down and up to the reception area.

      • If you choose the self-guided visit : you can count 45min to 1h to do the complete tour

      Provide warm clothing (fleece type) and comfortable shoes, preferably flat.

      • Photos are authorized but without flash or tripod so as not to disturb other visitors. The use of photos on the web cannot be done without the authorization of the Caves of Cerdon. Videos are prohibited.

      You can opt for a self-guided tour (reserved for groups of less than 8 people). Children are the responsibility of parents or carers. It is forbidden to leave the main path and touch the concretions. Download the audio guide on your phone

      • No, but we suggest that you download the commentary in different languages on your own smartphone before coming - Download the audioguide

      • We also lend paper translations of the visit (English, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian and Russian).

      • "The Hunter Gatherer " offers snacks mainly based on local products as well as hot and cold drinks, to consume on the spot or to take away from the park. Open continuously throughout the day.

      • Yes, but they must be carried or placed in a basket. Only small dogs

      • The entire reception area (ticket office, shop, snack point and toilets) is wheelchair accessible independently. The Caves of Cerdon cannot be visited in a wheelchair or with a stroller. The park is accessible with the help of a wheelchair attendant. The park's trails are mostly grassy..