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French Guided tour

1h from Lyon, Genève or Annecy - In Jura's mountains

Duration: 1 hour (+30 min Belvedere)

Access the entrance to the underground.

A guide will explain the formation and history of the Caves of Cerdon in a simple and interactive way. You will walk between stalactites and stalagmites to emerge under a majestic porch which will allow you to choose:

  • to reach the reception of the site with the guide, or

  • continue through the siphon of the old river to reach a belvedere in the middle of the cliff overlooking the vineyard of Cerdon (return on your steps to the large porch).

This last section, which gives access to the belvedere, has a greater drop not recommended for people who do not wish to make an ascent effort.

To extend your day in the great outdoors, opt for the 1-day Pass (visit to the Caves and prehistorics workshops) and learn about the gestures and know-how of our prehistoric ancestors.


  • From 4 years old
  • Duration: 1 hour (+30 min Belvedere)
  • In any weather

Map of the Caves
Plan des Grottes
Questions sur les Grottes
  • How long is the visit ?
    • If you choose the guided visit : For the 1st part: approximately 1 hour, and the 2nd part takes 30 minutes to go down and up to the reception area.

    • If you choose the self-guided visit : you can count 45min to 1h to do the complete tour

  • Can we visit the caves alone ?

    You can opt for a self-guided tour (reserved for groups of less than 8 people). Children are the responsibility of parents or carers. It is forbidden to leave the main path and touch the concretions. Download the audio guide on your phone

  • What kind of clothes and shoes to wear during the caves visit?

    Provide warm clothing (fleece type) and comfortable shoes, preferably flat.