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Visite contée pour les petits

4 - 6 years old

Every Sunday at 1P.M., online reservation: a tale visit for 4-6 year-olds where the child is an actor in history.

Maximum 20 children.

ONLY POSSIBLE WITH COMBINED TICKET (Tale tour and access to prehistoric workshops)

Specially dedicated to 4-6 year olds and their families.

Reaching the entrance of the cave, the children immerse themselves in the wonderful world of the Water Fairy. Their quest will lead them to the search for fragments of magic formula which they will have to reconstruct to free the Fairy. The story told emphasizes the work of water through storytelling and imagination.

Only in French.


  • De 4 ans à 6 ans
  • Durée: 45 mn (+30 min Belvédère)
  • Activité sous abri

Map of the Caves
Plan des Grottes
Questions sur les Grottes
  • How long is the visit ?
    • If you choose the guided visit : For the 1st part: approximately 1 hour, and the 2nd part takes 30 minutes to go down and up to the reception area.

    • If you choose the self-guided visit : you can count 45min to 1h to do the complete tour

  • Can we visit the caves alone ?

    You can opt for a self-guided tour (reserved for groups of less than 8 people). Children are the responsibility of parents or carers. It is forbidden to leave the main path and touch the concretions. Download the audio guide on your phone

  • Is there a restaurant in the touristic site ?

    • "The Hunter Gatherer " offers snacks mainly based on local products as well as hot and cold drinks, to consume on the spot or to take away from the park. Open continuously throughout the day.