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Visit the Caves of Cerdon

A nature outing 1 hour from Lyon, Geneva or Annecy

The complete route of an ancient underground river


Catering & leisure

For 8 people and more ...


The Caves

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Map of the Caves
Plan des Grottes
Questions sur les Grottes
  • What is the temperature in the cave ?
    • The upper gallery is at 13/14 °C and then drops to around 10 °C at the end of the large hall. For the second part, the temperature drops to 4 °C for 5 minutes. On the belvedere, you will find the outside temperature.

    • It is the temperature differences and the elevation that make this second part of the visit more physical.

  • Are dogs allowed in the caves ?

    • Yes, but they must be carried or placed in a basket. Only small dogs

  • Can pregnant women, elderly people go down to the cave ?
    • The entire path through the caves is landscaped, marked and lit, but the elevation, the stairs and the temperature differences represent additional physical effort compared to a simple walk outside. It is up to everyone to judge their ability based on their physical condition, knowing that the first part remains very accessible.

    • The 2nd part of the circuit is the most physical.