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Conditions Générales d’Utilisation de l’application mobile AudioGuide

In force on 03/27/2018

Conditions Générales d’Utilisation de l’application mobile AudioGuide

General Conditions of Use of the AudioGuide Caves of Cerdon mobile application

In force on 03/27/2018

The purpose of these general conditions of use (called "T & Cs") is to provide legal frameworks for the provision of the mobile application and services by TELLUS SARL, LES GROTTES CERDON, "the publisher" and to define the conditions of access and use of the services by the "User". By using the publisher's mobile application, the user fully accepts these terms and conditions of use.

These T & Cs are accessible on the site under "T & Cs of the mobile application".

ARTICLE 1 - Description of the application

The mobile application is edited by the TELLUS SARL Limited Liability Company, LES GROTTES CERDON, whose head office is located at RD1084, 01450 Labalme.

Phone number: 04 74 37 36 79

Email address: info@grotte-cerdon.com

The Director of Publication is: Françoise Saint-Julien

The applications in the iOs and Android versions are respectively hosted on the AppStore (Apple iOs) and the PlayStore (Google Android).

The mobile app is free and can be downloaded to mobile devices from the AppStore and PlayStore.

The purpose of the mobile application is to provide information and orientation on the site of the Prehistoric Leisure Park of the Caves of Cerdon.

The application does not have a user profile.

The application allows the user to:

- follow the visit of the cave with an audio guide,

- know the schedules of workshops and events to come during the day,

- consult the general map of the site of the Prehistoric Leisure Park of the Caves of Cerdon for easy access to the various places.

ARTICLE 2 - Responsibility of the publisher

The use of the information and documents available on this application are the sole responsibility of the user, who assumes all consequences. The use of the application implies for the user compliance with the visit rules enacted in the application and throughout the Park. The publisher can not be held responsible for any incident resulting from non-compliance with these rules.

The use of the application by a minor user must be supervised by a legal representative. Any use of the application by a minor user without supervision will not engage the responsibility of the publisher.

The mobile application works with mobile devices using the Apple iOS and Android operating systems. The publisher does not guarantee the absence of bugs, inaccuracies, errors, or other harmful material. The mobile application is dependent on the mobile network and the internet in order to function. Therefore, the alert system can only function subject to network availability. The publisher declines all responsibility in the event of network unavailability.

The application and each of the elements that make it up are the exclusive property of the publisher in accordance with the provisions of the intellectual property code (copyright, rights relating to patents, brands, designs and models, logos, texts and photographs) . The provision of the application would not be analyzed as a transfer of ownership for the benefit of the user. The user is not authorized to decompile or disassemble the application, reproduce, represent, modify, translate, adapt, partially or totally without the prior written consent of the publisher.

The mobile application does not collect or transfer any personal user data.

ARTICLE 3 - Applicable law

This application, the modules, the conditions of use are governed by French law, regardless of the place of use. In the event of a possible dispute, and after the failure of any attempt to find an amicable solution, the French courts will have sole jurisdiction to respond to this dispute.