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Conditions Générales d’Utilisation du site Internet www.grotte-cerdon.com

In force on 12/03/2018

General conditions of use of the website


Any order or reservation implies full acceptance of these general terms of sale conditions, except all other formal and express written conditions accepted by Sarl TELLUS commercial name: Grottes du Cerdon

Each visitor must comply with the Internal Regulations of the Grottes du Cerdon posted at the entrance of the site, in the Park, at the entrance to the Caves and in the galleries of the cave.


Article 1-1: Individual ticket order

The content of the offers offered by the GROTTES DU CERDON Prehistoric Leisure Park can be consulted on the “Ticketing” page of the website www.grotte-cerdon.com

Article 1-2: effect of the order

The order is firm and final for the customer who can only cancel or modify it within the conditions provided for by these general conditions of sale. It is firm and final for the GROTTES DU CERDON Prehistoric Leisure Park after confirmation of this on the cash register at the site reception or upon receipt of confirmation of the ticket issued on the mailbox provided when ordering by internet.


When the price is conditioned by the age of the children, this is taken into account at first day of the execution of the service taken into account. Proof of the age of the children can be requested at any time by the staff of the GROTTES DU CERDON Prehistoric Leisure Park; If such proof is not presented, the adult rate will apply.

Article 2-1

Order at the site reception: Payment is made at the time of ordering by credit card, cash or holiday voucher.

In case of payment by holiday vouchers: the GROTTES DU CERDON Prehistoric Leisure Park will only accept this type of payment at the ticket office for the visit or 1-Day or annual pass and up to a limit of € 10 holiday voucher per € 30 of the amount the ticket office charged.

 Online ordering: payment is made by credit card at the time of order, according to the secure procedure provided for this purpose on the website of GROTTES DU CERDON Prehistoric Leisure Park

For this online ticket office, the GROTTES DU CERDON Prehistoric Leisure Park website goes through an external service provider: Alliances Réseaux and One Shot Pay which collects the amounts of the tickets before paying them with a commission to GROTTES DU CERDON Prehistoric Leisure Park




Orders made at the site reception give the right to immediate access to the park for the day: the ticket cannot be used for a later date unless signed acceptance of the person in charge of the site.

Orders made by internet:

1 / Tickets Guided tour of the Caves - Self-guided tour of the Caves - 1-Day pass Guided tour and activities and 1-Day pass with Self-guided visit – 1-Day pass for narrated visit, can be used only for the day chosen when ordering.The opening dates of the Park can be consulted on the site www.grotte-cerdon.com

The time chosen when ordering the guided tour can be changed on the same day depending on availability or be replaced by a self-guided tour (maximum 8people at the same time)

The aforementioned tickets are not refundable if they have not been used on the dates planned. On request by email, it is nevertheless possible to postpone them to another day of the season.

In the event of a justified major impossibility to come before the end of the season (ex: long illness), a reimbursement of the ticket will be possible with a deduction of 10 € (ten euros) (covering the costs of receipt processing and dispatchement of the payment)

In the event of an administrative closure of the site (eg: COVID 19), tickets are extended for anà 18 month period

The Annual Pass ticket can be used on any day the park is open during the season shown on the ticket. This ticket is valid for 1 year, from the date of purchase. It can therefore be used straddling 2 seasons. The opening dates of the Park can be consulted on the site www.grotte-cerdon.comThis aforementioned ticket is non-refundable if it has not been used on the specified dates.

The Gift Voucher ticket can be used on any day the park is open during the season shown on the ticket. The opening dates of the Park can be consulted on the site www.grotte-cerdon.com             This aforementioned ticket is non-refundable if it has not been used during the scheduled season.

The Arc'Aïk Battle ticket can only be issued for a minimum of 10 adults. A discharge of player responsibility is requested before the game.                                                                                                            This aforementioned ticket is non-refundable if it has not been used on the specified dates. It is possible to be postponed to a later date with the agreement of the person in charge of the sites reception.

The Speleology ticket is not managed by the Grottes du Cerdon ticket office. The caves du Cerdon use a service provider approved by the state to supervise speleo activities on our site. Any dispute about this ticket or the service must be settled with Mr. Yves CONTET organizer of speleology on the site of the Grottes du Cerdon.

The disabled and large family rate: -10% is applied exclusively for purchases made directly at the park reception and for the same day. This rate is appliable according to following conditions:

Disabled rate: Presentation of a Handicap card (cannot be combined with another offer)

Large family rate applied for the same family with numerous family cards for each member of the family or on proof of a mutual insurance card with the children with the same name as the parents. This reduction applies starting from 2 parents and 3 paying children (cannot be combined with another offer)


Any complaint must be sent by email to info@grotte-cerdon.com (within 2 days after the date of visit) or registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt no later than 8 days after the date of visit.


Management reserves the right to modify or cancel any reservation in the event of an event force majeure, fortuitous event or specific operating constraints. En case of cancellation of a service by les GROTTES DU CERDON, the amount paid by the customer will be refunded in full any other compensation is excluded.


Article L221-28 of the Consumer Code, the services covered by these general sales conditions are not subject to the right of withdrawal stipulated in Article L 221-18 of the Consumer Code


The responsibility of les GROTTES DU CERDON can in no case be engaged in the event of non-execution or poor execution of the order attributable to the customer or to the fact unpredictable and insurmountable from a third party.


Force majeure is defined in the article 1218 of the Civil Code: there is contractual force majeure  when an event beyond the control of the debtor, which could not be reasonably foreseen at the time of the conclusion of the contract and the effects of which cannot be avoided by appropriate measures, prevent the performance of its obligation by the debtor.

If the impediment is temporary, the execution of the obligation is suspended unless the resulting delay does not justify the termination of the contract. If the impediment is final, the contract is automatically resolved and the parties are released from their obligations under the conditions provided for in articles 1351 and 1351-1 (of the Civil Code).

In addition to the elements usually retained by French case law as constituting force majeure, the obligations of les GROTTES DU CERDON are automatically suspended without the latter being held responsible for any non-performance in the event of force major and, in general, in the case of an event that is beyond its control preventing normal execution of the order such as: bad weather, flooding, fire, strike or lockout at les GROTTES DU CERDON or its suppliers, supply difficulties, decision of administrative authorities, riots, vandalism, tooling accident, blockages or delays in transport, force majeure from suppliers or any other cause leading to partial or total unemployment for les GROTTES DU CERDON or its suppliers.

The management of GROTTES DU CERDON will inform the customer of the occurrence of such an event by mail or e-mail, as soon as he becomes aware of it, specifying the concerned services.


In accordance with legal provisions, customers have the right to access, rectify and oppose the personal data concerning them. This right can be exercised by writing, specifying your surname, first name and home adress. Subject to customer acceptance at the time of order, this personal data is subject to computer processing to provide information to the customer on the seller's services and offers.


These general conditions of sale are subject both for their interpretation and for their implementation, under French law and come under the jurisdiction of the Bourg en Bresse Tribunal. Article 11.4: coordinates


Sarl TELLUS, Commercial name GROTTES DU CERDON register with RCS BOURG EN BRESSE under number 434 811 899, with a share capital of 48,000 €, having its registered office GROTTES DU CERDON 01450 LABALME